“We make our choices, and then our choices make us."

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Richard Armstrong has been helping people make better choices over the last 25 years. He has spoken on this subject in church meetings, seminars, and conferences around the world. You can read more about me here.Real leadership demands we pay attention to the clarity of the choices made. Now he is focused on helping senior citizens, those nearing retirement to consider the decisions they are making.
Older age presents a different reality for each of us.
The small, seemingly insignificant choices we make in our daily routines contribute significantly to the lifestyle we live.
These decisions ultimately impact our marriage/singleness, the influence we wield in the social circles we occupy and the pursuit of our happiness.

Making the present life we live, better, is not a science but an art form.

Living longer is not just about the money, no it is not! It deals more with the choices we made and the decisions we are making at present. Leaving the job market and sliding into retirement is more about family, friends and social interaction with others.

There is no magic formula for joy and fulfillment in our senior years. It goes back to making better choices with a clear understanding of how each decision will affect our later years. Our reality is present tense. It is where we live. Even though this is the real presence in our lives, it can be improved. In fact, if we are ever going to become the person(s) we aspire to, we must consider a change in how we make decisions.

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What governs the choices we make?

• Do we concern ourselves with how our decision will affect us or what effect the choice we make impacts others?
• Does our integrity guide us?
• Does biblical truth influence our options?
• In the circle of friends, we associate with is there pressure to conform to the standards guiding them?
• How much thought is given to the outcome of the decision before we make a choice?

Choices we make determines our reality

Check out this link to my article on making wise decisions, click on it to learn more of my reasoning on the decisions we make. https://www.wheelsaroundtown.com/decisions-retirement-making-wise-decisions/

Are you ready to make necessary changes in your method of choosing options for a better tomorrow?

Is there a better way on the road to happiness?

Are you ready for a more satisfying life? It is possible. Even though we made wrong choices in the past; the present and future can be redeemed.

Join me in this quest for a more enjoyable life.

I have made some good choices and some not so right decisions. I do not pretend to have all the answers. So, let us dialog on how best to clarify the options for a better reality. I invite your comments.

Here is a choice I made

One of the decisions I have made is to drive for the Ride Share companies; Uber and Lyft. I enjoy driving and also like meeting people. Driving for Uber and Lyft provides that outlet for me. An added incentive is the pay I get each week for picking up and taking people to their destinations. You can do this, just click on the Uber and or Lyft logo and sign up. I do receive payment for you signing up to drive for them. Most importantly is the enjoyment you will experience when you enter the ridesharing economy.
Thank you,
Richard Armstrong

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