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'Clarifying choices for a better reality.'

Richard Armstrong

“We make our choices, and then our choices make us."
Our reality is present tense. It is where we live. Even though this is the real presence in our lives, it can be improved. In fact, if we are ever going to become the person we aspire to, we must consider a constant change in how we make decisions.

What governs the choices we make?

  • Do we concern ourselves with how our decision will affect us or what effect the choice we make impacts others?
  • Does our integrity guide us?
  • Does biblical truth influence our options?
  • In the circle of friends, we associate with is there pressure to conform to the standards guiding them?
  • How much thought is given to the outcome of the decision before we make a choice?

Choices we make determines our reality

The small, seemingly insignificant decisions we make in our daily routines contribute significantly to the lifestyle we live. These decisions ultimately impact us. In our marriage/singleness, the influence we wield in the social circles we occupy. Even in the pursuit of our happiness.

I’m Richard Armstrong. I am an avid reader, conference and seminar attendee and speaker. You can read more about me here. In my life as a salesman, factory worker and staff pastor in a large church I have gained insights into the lifestyle choices people make.

I have made some right choices and some not so correct decisions. I do not pretend to have all the answers. So, let us dialog on how best to clarify the options for a better reality. I invite your comments.
Thank you,
Richard Armstrong