In Retirement; it’s all about change. 

What changes are necessary? 

Are you enjoying the change?

Retirement from a structured employment lifestyle can be challenging to some and others; it is a great relief. Working from the breaking of dawn to the going down of the sun is hard enough; try rotating on a three-shift schedule. Blue collar. White collar, even in a salaried work scheme the day to day activities seem daunting at times. How are you handling your retirement? In future blog posts, I will continue this narrative on changes for an enjoyable retirement. But now, I like to have you know some of my stories.

Richard Armstrong: A short story

Graduating from high school, I unwitting, (not aware of the full facts),  jump right into the job market. Okay, I was young and stupid, but 50 years later, I have no regrets.  In my adult life, I’ve experienced three occupations.


My first job was as a route salesman for a local bread company. For three years I delivered bread and pastries to people in our local community. Began my day at 5 AM to load my truck and leave the bakery with fresh bread. Then I would return home from my route around five or six 0’clock in the evening. I loved this job, conversing with people while driving around beautiful Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The pay was small; I had to find better-paying work. I had to find a better paying job which led to my second full-time employment.

Factory Worker

I began working in a local factory for a multi-national company. My work schedule for the first 18 years had me on a rotating 3-shift timetable. Last four years I was on all day shift, halleluiah! Excellent pay with great benefits. Working with machines with little interaction with people was not my ‘cup of tea,’ but the money and benefits were too good to quit. Then this company closed our local plant. Now out of a job, I began to pursue an entirely different line of work. I studied my three compelling interest in life which is; my family, my Christian faith, and concern for people.

Christian Worker

Our local church of which my wife and I were fully involved in as members had many associated churches under their leadership. We were assigned to help one of those churches in another state. We moved and worked through a transition with the church to new leadership within a two-year span. When we returned to our home church, we joined the Leadership Team. Our tenure on staff ended with my retirement after twenty-four years of service. It was our privilege to encourage the affiliated pastors and missionaries in the States and around the world during this time.

The Nations I have Visited

  1. Russia                                      10.  Fiji                                17. Germany
  2. England                                   11. Mozambique                18. Finland
  3. Korea                                       12. Zimbabwe                    19. Belguim
  4. Indonesia                                13. Myanmar (Burma)    20. Canada
  5. Poland                                     14. Sweden                         21. Mexico
  6. India                                        15. Denmark                      22. Hungary
  7. Estonia                                    16. Costa Rica                    23. Thailand
  8. Romania                                                                               24. Panama
  9. Singapore                                                                             25. Ethiopia


My life has truly been an adventure. I have enjoyed every aspect of my life’s journey. At the close of May 2013, I retired at the age of seventy. On a personal note; My wife and I have been married 47 years, with five adult children, many grandchildren and now we are adding Great-Grandchildren to our beautiful family.

I drive for Uber and Lyft for the pleasure of it, but that is a side issue.

More important is my continued faith and reliance on Jesus Christ and building great relationships with family and friends.

I’m enjoying retirement and desire to share my insights with all of you on wheels around town.

Thank you,


(Header picture by me on the shores of the Indian Ocean in Mozambique)