My Top 5 Points about driving for Uber or Lyft

If you are considering ridesharing there are great rewards and some pain associated with the experience. When you install the driver app on your smartphone for Uber, Lyft or some other TNC, (Transportation Network Company) you are in for quite a ride. There are many things that are true about ridesharing. It could be a […]

The College Graduate Who Missed the Train

Spring of 2016 I wheeled into the Lancaster Amtrak station, hoping for a “ping” on my iPhone for a Uber ride. No “pings”. Taxis and other cars all left the station. Just about ready to drive away and there it was; “Ping”. A recent college grad who missed the train ran out of the station […]

Wheels Around Town

Stories and insights on Ride Sharing I like meeting people and like driving. In my wheels around town I meet the most interesting people. They are nice people just wanting to go to work, go home or going out for dinner. Whatever the reason, they need a ride and I’m there for them. On these […]