What three issues I deal with in retirement?
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Addressing three issues, I deal with in my retirement years. First off, I look at my life as a  book of having many chapters. When I finish one chapter of a book, I do not throw the book away, no, I turn the page revealing a new episode. So it is in life. Previous chapters […]

Do We Ever Get To Go HOME?
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Do we ever get to go HOME? Home is more a time, rather than a place, I think. We cannot repeat the past. You can never step into a river the same place you did before, simply because the water in the river keeps flowing. Time indeed keeps marching on. Where do we go; ‘home’? […]

Decisions in Retirement, are you making wise decisions?
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Decisions In Retirement, are you making wise decisions? It’s not about the money! Detailing the three S’ of living happily in retirement. Decisions, let’s talk about it. The preponderance of information on retirement living is about the money. Do we have enough? Will it last our lifetime? While having money in a retirement savings account is important, […]