Change is necessary for a fulfilled life.

For us, retirees, the opportunity to make changes to improve our lives is ours alone.

I want to tell you how starting your own business can bring about the good change needed in your life.

But first, just a few words about the impact that neglecting to change will changes everything,

Change! People who willingly neglect to make the necessary changes in jobs, marriages, and lifestyle confound me.

Here is one example of a man who neglected to make the necessary change needed to improve his marriage and the tragic results.

He sat across the table from me: “I’m not changing!” he boasted. His marriage was in shambles. “She can do want she wants to do, but, me, I’m not changing!” Later that year he sat alone, divorced and alienated from his 4 children. His neglecting to change, changed everything for him.

Many are the reasons we claim to be “changeless”. Guess what, change continues its downward spiral if left to itself.

Photo – Unsplash, Andrew-branch

We have all seen the abandoned rusted out cars left sitting in the weeds. Those cars were new at one time, taken care of by their owners. Now no longer taken care of, they rust away. The beauty, the thrill they once brought to their owners, now gone! The number one reason for this is; neglect. Cars and trucks that are neglected, rust.

Ideas, dreams and career change not acted on, die!

Do not let the weeds of neglect obscure the golden opportunities held in your future.

 There are many opportunities to begin your own business. I want to tell you about one, which made a good change for me.

The first 2 years of my retirement I caught up on my ‘to do’ list.

Change, yes I needed a change. Then I researched jobs for retirees, nothing caught my attention.

Change!, yes I was willing, but I had requirements for post-retirement work which included 4 parameters.   

1.  No scheduled ‘work times’.
2. No off-site office to work from.
3. No ‘buy-in’ to start
4. No monthly ‘auto-ship’ requirement to keep getting paid.
  • My friend, Bill, had signed up to drive for Uber.

  • He suggested I should do the same.

  • This was a good choice for me.

  • It met all my parameters for a retirement occupation.

1. Yes, I could work whenever I wanted.
2. Yes, I could start my day from my home.
3. Yes. I started with no ‘buy-in’.
4. Yes, all I needed to start was my car and smartphone, which I already owned.

Change! Yes, you can have your own business. I did it and thousands of others have a ride share business of their own.

It is possible.

Sign up to drive for Uber or Lyft, you can click here for Uber or here for Lyft, this will begin the process.
This is one of the options you have of charting a new course in retirement.
I will agree, its not for everyone.
But it just might be the one for you.
“Begin somewhere. You cannot build a reputation on what you intend to do.” Liz Smith
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