Choices made, make us!

Life’s pleasures take second place behind securing your base. 

Do you have a secure foundation for your life, family, and finances? Remember, choices made, make us. Even small seemingly insignificant decisions eventually make us who we become in life. It is essential to secure our base; remember, choices made, make us.

Are you teetering on the brink of disaster in social relations, financial solvency, and marriage?

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You must be wondering, what do I need to do.

Here’s the simple answer.

Focus on securing your base first. Do the necessary action first in all these areas to ensure your success.

What is the most crucial part of building a successful marriage? A successful single lifestyle? To make positive relationships with your family? Begin meeting your financial goals?

The choices we make, even the little ones, mold our future.

What do I mean by securing your base in all these areas?

‘Made choices, make us’, may be simple to understand but challenging to implement.

Stay with me here.

I’ll list a few of the simple to understand parts first; then I will briefly describe tools of implementation.

These four areas demand your attention for securing your base.

  • Marriage; consider words of affirmation, use politeness instead of abruptness in conversations.
  • Single lifestyle; practice thankfulness, focus on good hygiene, affirm friends often.
  • Family relationships; support ambitions of family members and congratulate each one for their achievements, Be kind to one another.
  • Meeting financial goals; spend less than you make, always save a portion of your weekly income, give some away.

“ what are you prepared to change to make it better?” – from Homer’s book, The Odyssey

Five questions for implementing a secure base in the above areas.

  1. Take a long hard look internally at yourself. Am I the kind of person I’d like the other person to be? The only person you can change is yourself.
  2. Do I love others more than myself? Is my focus always on me?
  3. Have I said these words to others today? “I love you” – “Thank you” – “You are welcome” – “What can I do for you today?” Simple words make an enormous impact!
  4. Practice gratitude for what you have. Eliminate lust for things. Control spending
  5. Pray more. Give the first part of your day to the scriptures. Pray out loud with your spouse or find a friend to pray over the phone with you.

You surely will need the wisdom to make the choices which will make you. The best starting point is the scriptures. Don’t hesitate, do not delay for surely God will answer the prayer of the one who asks Him.

If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking. James 1:5 

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Something we can all agree on is the following:

Change is inevitable, so why not be the one in charge of making the difference you want it to become?

It is your choice.

You become the end product of the choices you make. I encourage you to secure your base which will lead to more of life’s pleasures.

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