Decisions In Retirement, are you making wise decisions?

It’s not about the money!

Detailing the three S’ of living happily in retirement.

Decisions, let’s talk about it. The preponderance of information on retirement living is about the money.

Do we have enough? Will it last our lifetime?

While having money in a retirement savings account is important, it is by far, not the most significant for living happily in retirement.

There are other decisions in retirement which should be considered.

I’ve been to many nations of the world, sat and talked with people who have little of this world’s goods but are living happily, nonetheless.

My 3 S’ of living a happy retired life. Not the only requirements but these 3 top my list.

Decision one:  Schedule

 Keep it. I worked with a man who brought his alarm clock to work on his last day. He gathered us all around him as he placed his alarm clock in a huge press machine, hit the button, smashing it to pieces. With a grin on his face, he announced, “I’m outta here!” Not a good choice. I will admit that the first few weeks of being ‘schedule less’, sleeping in late is kinda neat. Regaining a personal schedule is important as the old adage says; ‘early to bed, early to rise, makes one healthy, wealthy and wise’ is not only a good rhyme, it packs, wisdom. Retirees are in charge of their schedule, make one and keep it.

Decision two: Security


Provide it. Again, I’m not talking about the money. It’s about not making impulsive decisions. No longer restrained by a 8 to 5 schedule we erroneously think we can do ‘whatever we like’. The need to continue doing the routine duties to maintain basic essentials must continue. Family members and friends respond favorably when they sense you as a secure, stable person. Not one who bends to every whim and latest fad.  

Decision three: Selection 

Knowing what’s important. Being content with the person you have become and with what you have makes for true happiness in your golden years.  An interesting article was written this week, although mostly about money, mentions the importance of maintaining family and relationships in retirement. Read it here.

Now with more free time take the opportunity to reconnect with old friends, build strong connections with distant relatives. This will support the happiness we all desire in our retirement years. My extended family has been meeting for breakfast one Saturday a month for over 28 years. See picture on right.

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