If you are considering ridesharing there are great rewards and some pain associated with the experience.

When you install the driver app on your smartphone for Uber, Lyft or some other TNC, (Transportation Network Company) you are in for quite a ride.

There are many things that are true about ridesharing. It could be a long list.

After 2 years and over 2,200 rides, in a small market, I’ve come up with my 5 top points that are true about driving for Uber and Lyft.

Read my list of my top 5 points about driving for Uber and Lyft:

1.  Flexibility with your time. Good job for the retired person. Number one, it gets you out of the house and two, you’re moving instead of sitting still!

2.  Extra income. Sure you will make the dollars, but the need to keep good records of expenses is required.

3.  Meet interesting people. You will discover that the people in your area are more diverse than you had imagined.

4.  Miles on your car. The odometer will spin! Make sure you have good tires and all your lights are working.

5.  Learn more about your city/county then you thought possible. The metro area I drive in is Lancaster County Pennsylvania, anchored by Lancaster city with a population of 60,000. The surrounding suburbs and towns add up to a population of 508,000 souls. This makes it the 101st largest metro areas in the USA. I’m a life-long resident but there are streets and roads I never knew existed till now.

Something else to consider. As a driver for a TNC, you are an independent contractor. That has its pluses and has some minuses. You are responsible for all the expenses of keeping your car clean and in excellent running shape. The latest up-to-date smartphone is almost a necessity. The more detailed mileage records you keep, the better for you at tax time. In an upcoming post, I will enumerate on some other items that will make your ride share business prosper.

The bottom line is this; if you like meeting strangers and driving your car, there is a place for you and it’s right in the seat of your car!

You can sign up to drive for Uber or Lyft in the boxes on the sidebar. I will receive an incentive and you will have an exciting new business of your own!

I always like to leave you with a favorite quote and words from the book of wisdom ~

It is more important to know where you are going than to get there quickly. Do not mistake activity for achievement. – Mabel Newcomer

He who has a slack hand becomes poor, But the hand of the diligent makes rich. Proverbs 10:4

There are more things true about ride sharing, I’d like to share some with you in the future.

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Wheeling around town


Richard Armstrong