Ready, Set, Go in Twenty-eighteen

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Are you ready for the new year? Have you set your sights on improvement in specific areas? Will you go into this new year with renewed vigor.” Twenty-eighteen is now! What will you do differently in twenty-eighteen?

I know what you’re thinking.

Twenty-eighteen is going to be the year, right! We will make positive choices. Success will be ours. Things will improve.

But how will this happen?

Let me break this down for you. These three words just might be the springboard for a better reality this year.

Ready – Set -Go

Read on to pick up insights on how these three words can make the difference you desire to make in twenty-eighteen.

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  1. Ready. Being prepared is the first item for success.

Let me tell you a little story from my childhood. On school mornings at the break of dawn, I’d throw back the covers, run down the steps to the kitchen for breakfast. My mother would say; “go ‘red-up’ your room, then you can have breakfast”. (‘Red-up’ is a local saying here in Lancaster County, meaning, make your bed, tidy up your room.), You see, some things have to be finished before we go forward. Here’s the point.  Unfinished “business” lingering from 2017 should be put in good order.

  1. Set. Here’s the scoop. Your priorities need to be set when planning for a successful year. What is the most important item for you to accomplish this year? Set your prime concern to be honest in all your dealings, to be faithful to God, your spouse, your friends and to work each day as you would for the improvement. These are essential issues to set you on attaining new highs for 2018.

    Have you ever experienced a defining moment in your life? Well, I did.

I’ll give you one personal insight on when I set my priorities straight. February 1968, this was at my lowest point in my life. My thought on that day was, I had lost everything that mattered to me. There I stood by my mother’s grave, not to talk to her but to God. I chose to follow God where He wanted me to go. The place of the dead became my turning point for a gratifying life.

  1. Go. Are you sure the past is past! Does your history keep nagging you, holding you in its clutches? 

Keep reading because I have great news for you.

The Apostle Paul put it this way in the book of Philippians:

“…but I focus on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead, I press on to reach…”

Read on for the crucial part of your ‘GO.’ 

 One thing we all have is our ‘past.’

The apostle Paul didn’t let his past dictate his present nor his future. Obliviously, Paul did not forget what he was in the past because he wrote to us about it. BUT, he put the past behind him and saw a better future ahead of him.

In my personal story, I told you how I committed to God, did I always do the right thing? Of course not, many times I failed. When I did, I confessed my wrong and moved on.

Here’s the excellent news.

The past is not a prophet! It is only a teacher.

We learn from our past while releasing its grip on the present. Your history is the one thing you cannot change, let it go. You hold in your grasp this day, take it and press on to a brighter future.

Happy New Year

READY, SET, GO!  This will be the most incredible year, 2018!

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