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Choices made, make us!

Choices made, make us! Life’s pleasures take second place behind securing your base.  Do you have a secure foundation for your life, family, and finances? Remember, choices made, make us. Even small seemingly insignificant decisions eventually make us who we become in life. It is essential to secure our base; remember, choices made, make us. Are you teetering on the brink of…

Ready, Set, Go in twenty-eighteen

Ready, Set, Go in Twenty-eighteen Are you ready for the new year? Have you set your sights on improvement in specific areas? Will you go into this new year with renewed vigor.” Twenty-eighteen is now! What will you do differently in twenty-eighteen? I know what you’re thinking. Twenty-eighteen is going to be the year, right! We will make positive choices….

Is your life defined by what you do?

Is your life defined by what you do?

The thin line between who we are and what we do. Harry* and I worked side by side for over 15 years, and then the factory closed sending us into the world of unemployment. Years later I met Harry while waiting in my eye doctor’s office. He was still distraught about the factory closing. We talked about the years working…